Polka Dots and Tulle

Good morning! This past week has been super crazy here at Iowa Western as we are preparing for our Othello opening on Thursday- tomorrow! I am playing Emelia, and we are doing a modern art take on the show, becoming living statues on stage. It is going to be absolutely fabulous, and for those of you in the area, come see us at 7:30 on Nov 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, and 12th! Today I am posting my outfit that I randomly put together this morning. Normally I would not pair a sweater with a fluffy skirt, but I actually super love this look. As long as the sweater isn’t too loose or too thick, so as to loose your shape, this is a lovely way to use a summer skirt, and turn it into a fall outfit. Details under the pics!


Skirt- Rue 21 $5

Sweater- The Limited from Plato’s Closet $12

Necklace- Betsey Johnson $25

Pictures by Francisco Franco


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