Tribal Crop Top

Good morning! I am actually posting more than once every 3 months! Today I was inspired by a “throwback post” on Facebook. Apparently I wore this outfit for my 21st birthday 3 years ago. I am happy to say with the exception of a little fading in the top, the rest of the outfit has survived pretty well : ). Recently (as in the last year or so) I have realized the importance of recycling clothing and avoiding retail stores that are all about “fast fashion.” While everyone loves going into a store and finding a new top for $7, in most cases, that top will last through only a few washes, and will then become garbage. I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt purchasing from secondhand stores more often than not, or re-using clothing that is “out of style” and just vamping it up or calling it vintage. In addition to secondhand stores, I also try to shop local boutiques, which are much pricier, but help small business owners and usually the quality of the clothing is much better than the fast fashion chains. Some great secondhand places to shop in Omaha are Scout, Style Encore, and Plato’s Closet. Scout has a more vintage style, while Style Encore has a more professional, working woman feel, and Plato’s Closet is more of a teenage style. Recently I also found a super cute boutique in Glenwood, IA (about a 30 minute drive from downtown Omaha) called J. Wren. Look them up on Facebook!

That’s enough rambling for today, so here’s my outfit! Thanks for reading!

Crop Top- $7 Plato’s Closet

Skirt- $10 Plato’s Closet

Necklace- $3 Thrift World

Bracelet- $7 Amazon

Earrings- $3 Maurices



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