Edgy Glam

Happy Saturday! Today I am having a “home day” and staying on my couch all day trying to get ready for a new busy week. Next Saturday I am attending a 5 year reunion- which seems crazy! I won’t bother everyone with the details of how my life has changed in the last five years, but I can say that I have never felt so good about the direction of my career and my friendships I have gained from it. I am absolutely overwhelmed with theatre right now, but I have never been so happy to be so busy! I just finished working on Elf Jr. at the Chanticleer Theatre, which was a wonderful experience, and I am having rehearsals three days a week for the fabulous show at Iowa Western, and am starting to work on costumes for the Importance of Being Earnest at Grace University. On top of that, I have Princess jobs almost every weekend for the next month, and I have to admit that it is basically the best job ever. : ] But back to the matter of fashion, hopefully soon I’ll be posting some photos from my shows, but here is my outfit from the other day. I felt like being a little edgier for my shift at the Berry and Rye [yet another job], so I wore a romper from Plato’s closet, patterned tights, and my super awesome punk rock boots from Style Encore. Details under the pics!


Romper: Express from Plato’s Closet $14

Tights: Forever 21 $5

Boots: Style Encore $18

Necklace: Maurices $14


Cheetah and Leather

Good morning! Yet again, I have a post after way too long away from the blog. I’ve decided not to apologize anymore, but I will say I can try harder to post more often! I’ve been working a few jobs this summer, and costumed a show at the Shelterbelt Theatre, which has been a great experience. The show is called Shattering the Glass, and is three one acts written locally about women. This outfit is from a few days ago when my husband and I went down to the Old Market to play Pokemon Go :). Details are underneath!


Cheetah Print Top: $7 Scout Omaha

Leather Shorts: $8 Plato’s Closet

Necklace: $14 Maurices

Stage Makeup

Good morning everyone! Wow, it has been months since I last posted! I am so sorry, but finally school is out for summer, and I will be posting much more often! Today, I don’t have a fashion post (again), but I have a collection of my makeup applications for my Stage Makeup class that I took this semester. The class taught me a lot about the importance of practice and research. I realized that while I enjoy costuming, I am going to have to work a lot to tone my special effects makeup. Well, hopefully I will have some fashion posts soon, but for now, enjoy!

Old Age Application


Animal Application



Candy Application

-Sour Patch Watermelon


Switch It Up Application

-Snow Leopard

Copy of received_996981137044175


-Ladybug FairyGodmother


Gore Application

-Zombie Mermaid



Celestial Application


Final Project

-Zombie Mermaid with Cordyceps Fungus


What I have been up to

Hello everyone! It has been way crazy long since I last posted! I don’t have an outfit for you today, but I thought I would share what I have been doing recently. I have been working for the last month on costuming a show, as well as going to school, and I recently got a part in a show at my college, which I am super excited about! I thought I would share some photos of the show I am working on- a 1920s Vaudeville version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.




First, I have photos of my makeup inspiration for the flappers in the show. I put this together at home, and the girls really have done a brilliant job carrying it out, as you can see here : ).


About a week before dress rehearsals, I realized the rental flapper costumes were not exactly what I had pictured. Luckily, a very helpful guy in the show had seen some great flapper dresses online, and after only a minute of looking, I found these gems- I love them! They are perfect for the 1920s/Egyptian theme that we have cultivated.


Lastly, I can’t take credit for these outfits because we rented them, but I have to share because our narrators just look so dang cute!


If you haven’t seen the show yet, we have one tonight (Friday the 29th) at 7:00, Saturday the 30th at 7:00, and Sunday the 31st at 3:00.


Rocking the Skater Dress

Good evening everyone! Right now I’m at home watching Hercules, and avoiding my massive stack of homework. I suppose most people can probably relate! Not much to report for this last week, mostly just worked and spent time with Alex. Had a few days feeling under the weather, but that’s to be expected during the fall season. This dress from today I bought recently at Target and I love it! I have a new rule for shopping these days- I have to love the new item more than what I am currently wearing. I’m finding it keeps me out of trouble quite a bit. : )

IMG_3631 IMG_3638 IMG_3634 IMG_3644

Dress-Target $24

Tights- Target $5

Boots- Target $20 (Black Friday Sale)

Halloween Costume

Good morning! This must be a first, a post two days in a row! Don’t forget to scroll down and see my post from yesterday if you haven’t : ).

Today my pictures are from Halloween where I went to a party in Lincoln. This Poison Ivy costume is the first I’ve ever constructed, and I can tell you that I did not suspect how difficult it would be! I started with a Goodwill skirt, a bra from Walmart, and green fabric from Hobby Lobby. The beginning of the top included a lot of seam ripping because I forget to account for the elastic. Not smart. The zipper on the skirt ended up breaking about halfway through as well, so I had to start with a new skirt that I bought at Plato’s Closet, and I bought two vines from Hobby Lobby. After cutting all of the leaves off the vines, I glued them to the skirt and the top, and again, I didn’t account for the stretching factor. Eventually though, I think the costume worked, and I was pretty happy with the end result, but it could have been better. 🙂 Definitely a learning experience though!

IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8100

The Lauritzen Gardens

Hello everyone!

It has been way too long since I posted! Nearly two months! Even these pictures are actually from almost a month ago, but hopefully this will be the start of me posting at least once a week again! Well these last few weeks have been pretty eventful, I had something going on every single weekend in October! Check out my I have a dream page to see pictures of my trip to the Kansas City Renaissance Fair. I also had a wedding, a murder mystery party, and two Halloween parties. Add that to school and my new serving job at Spaghetti Works, and this fall has just been running from one place to the next. I’m still enjoying my classes, although getting up at 7:00 every morning is not exactly my favorite thing to do 🙂 and getting back into the serving game is going pretty well too. My pictures today are of Alex and me at the Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, which is a beautiful area. Details of my outfit under the pictures, and I’m hoping to post pictures of my Halloween outfit soon!

IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3618 IMG_3623

Dress – Forever21 $25

Shoes – Y Not from Shoe Carnival $7

Necklace – Maurices $12